[greenstone-users] setting up law library in Nepal

From John Prokos
DateSun, 22 Feb 2004 22:08:00 +0545
Subject [greenstone-users] setting up law library in Nepal

We are about to set up a law library in Nepal and are trying to find
software that will allow users to browse our collection of documents online.
We will be scanning in books, journals, case notes, etc. sometimes using OCR
and sometimes not. What are the benefits of a program like greenstone over
any of the others (none of which we are aware of yet)? Each step of this
process is a new thing for us and we are doing the best we can on a
shoestring budget. From what I have seen the interface seems very limited in
greenstone. Are there other ways to search stored data than just author and
title? Will it interface with any other software? For instance cataloging
software, barcode reading software etc?

I am sorry, but at this stage we have more questions than answers.