[greenstone-users] trying to change gsdlsite.cfg

From Loren Erwin
DateThu, 19 Feb 2004 22:18:40 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] trying to change gsdlsite.cfg
I have just installed version 2.41 on Win XP Pro in Local Library mode. It runs fine, however it points my browser to http://xpnote.homer which is my machine name plus the workgroup. I change the url in the gsdlsite.cfg file (I also change the browserexe option). I run the server.exe and then click Enter Libarary. Once I start the library, it re-writes the gsdlsite.cfg file and puts all the options back to the way they were initially. I have added an entry for xpnote.homer to the hosts file, however I was wondering what it re-creating the gsdlsite.cfg file and where does it pull the information it uses.
Thanks for any assistance,