[greenstone-users] Two questions

From Fred Hillbruner
DateSat, 11 Sep 2004 12:13:44 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Two questions
First, thank you to Michael Dewsnip for his help with HList.

I am using text based on MARC records and general cataloging
conventions. There are a variety of instances where square brackets are
used, e.g., [Untitled] or [Sl. ; sn]. In my Title A-Z list, which shows
the title, author and publisher, text in square brackets does not
display. I have tried to replace the brackets in the metadata file with
[ and ], however, when I click the Build Collection the build
will immediately crash.

Second question.
My Title A-Z and Author A-Z listings have alphabetization problems. When I
click on a letter I will frequently find one or two items at the top of the
list that are out of order. The records that follow are just fine. I have
looked at an assortment of files and I cannot see anything obvious that
would cause the problem. When in the Librarian Interface at the Enrich
tab, All Previous Values, everything is in alphabetical order. An title
error example: "A Chicago Books broadside" is filed at the top of the A
list, yet "A Gambling Box" is filed properly under G.

Thank you in advance.


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