Re: [greenstone-users] Two questions

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 14 Sep 2004 12:25:33 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Two questions
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Hi Fred,

> First, thank you to Michael Dewsnip for his help with HList.

You're welcome.

> I am using text based on MARC records and general cataloging
> conventions. There are a variety of instances where square brackets are
> used, e.g., [Untitled] or [Sl. ; sn]. In my Title A-Z list, which shows
> the title, author and publisher, text in square brackets does not
> display. I have tried to replace the brackets in the metadata file with
> [ and ], however, when I click the Build Collection the build
> will immediately crash.

Yes, having square brackets in metadata values is a bit tricky! To get this to
work you need to escape the square bracket characters with a backslash in the
metadata.xml files: "[" and "]".

> Second question.
> My Title A-Z and Author A-Z listings have alphabetization problems. When I
> click on a letter I will frequently find one or two items at the top of the
> list that are out of order. The records that follow are just fine. I have
> looked at an assortment of files and I cannot see anything obvious that
> would cause the problem. When in the Librarian Interface at the Enrich
> tab, All Previous Values, everything is in alphabetical order. An title
> error example: "A Chicago Books broadside" is filed at the top of the A
> list, yet "A Gambling Box" is filed properly under G.

Do you have a mixture of assigned (eg. dc.Title) and extracted (ex.Title)
title metadata? This can cause the strange effects you describe because the
default is to build the Titles A-Z classifier on ex.Title (and therefore sort
on ex.Title), but display the first of dc.Title, dls.Title, ex.Title that
exists. If this is true you should be able to fix the problem by building the
Titles A-Z classifier on "dc.Title,ex.Title". Let me know how you get on.