Re: [greenstone-devel] Usage Log Parsing

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 10 Jul 2006 17:25:22 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Usage Log Parsing
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You need to also give the cc argument to the library - this is a list of
which collections should be searched.
And ccs=1 signals that you are doing a cross collection search, so you
need that too.

To be sure you are using all the same arguments, you may want to just
concatenate all the arguments from the log file (except the e arg).


Ying-Hsang Liu wrote:
> Hi
> I am using Perl to parse usage.txt log file from ../etc/ in Greenstone
> software. The digital library system I set up
> has 31 sub-collections, 1-30 were named genmesh1, genmesh2, etc. and 31
> was called genomics.
> A cross-collection search was also set up by selecting all sub-
> collections in the 31 sub-collection.
> My question is how I can set up the argument information as input to
> cgi-bin library and get the same ranked results?
> Here is my usage.txt log:
> [Thu Jul 06 15:07:36 -0400 2006] (a=q, amp;a=q, b=0, b1=0, b2=0,
> bc1aboutdesc=, bc1cfgchanged=0, bc1clone=0, bc1clonechanged=0,
> bc1clonecol=, bc1contactemail=, bc1dirname=, bc1dodelete=0, bc1econf=0,
> bc1esrce=0, bc1fromsrce=0, bc1fullname=, bc1infochanged=0, bc1input=,
> bc1inputnum=3, bc1inputtype=, bc1tmp=, bcp=, beu=, bft=, bnu=, bp=,
> bt=0, c=genomics,
> cc=genmesh1,genmesh2,genmesh3,genmesh4,genmesh5,genmesh6,genmesh7,genmes
> h8,genmesh9,genmes10,genmes11,genmes12,genmes13,genmes14,genmes15,genmes
> 16,genmes17,genmes18,genmes19,genmes20,genmes21,genmes22,genmes23,genmes
> 24,genmes25,genmes26,genmes27,genmes28,genmes29,genmes30,genomics,
> ccp=0, ccs=1, cfgfile=, cl=, cm=, cq2=, ct=1, d=, de=, debc=0, dm=,
> ds=, dsbc=0, e=q-000-00---0genomics-
> genmesh1,genmesh2,genmesh3,genmesh4,genmesh5,genmesh6,genmesh7,genmesh8,
> genmesh9,genmes10,genmes11,genmes12,genmes13,genmes14,genmes15,genmes16,
> genmes17,genmes18,genmes19,genmes20,genmes21,genmes22,genmes23,genmes24,
> genmes25,genmes26,genmes27,genmes28,genmes29,genmes30,genomics-01-1-0--0
> prompt-10and,and,and-TX,TI,TX,KE-0,0,0,0-4-0,0,0,0-mutY,,,----5-1l--0-
> en-50---20-preferences-[mutY ]:TX--01131-001-1-0utfZz-8-00, el=prompt,
> er=, f=0, fc=1, fqa=0, fqc=and,and,and, fqf=TX,TI,TX,KE, fqk=0,0,0,0,
> fqn=4, fqs=0,0,0,0, fqv=mutY,DNA,,, g=, gc=0, gt=0, h=, h2=, hd=5,
> hl=1, hp=, hs=1, ifl=, il=l, j=, j2=, k=0, ky=, l=en, m=50, n=, n2=,
> nl=, o=20, p=preferences, pc=, pfd=0, pfe=0, pfl=0, pld=10, ple=10,
> pll=10, ppnum=0, pptext=, pw=, pxml=0, q=[mutY ]:TX & [DNA ]:TI, q2=,
> qb=0, qf=1, qt=1, qto=3, r=1, rd=0, s=0, st=1, t=1, u=0, ua=, uan=,
> ug=, uma=listusers, umc=, umnpw1=, umnpw2=, umpw=, umug=, umun=, umus=,
> un=, us=invalid, v=0, w=utf-8, x=0, xx=0, z=) "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh;
> U; PPC Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/418.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/419.3"
> Thank you!
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