[greenstone-users] Updated Tutorials

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 30 Oct 2006 15:07:47 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] Updated Tutorials

We have recently updated the Greenstone tutorials (English only) to work
with Greenstone version 2.71.

They can be viewed from our wiki:

Or the complete set can be downloaded as a package from sourceforge:

The sample files are almost the same as for the June 2006 version, so
you don't need to download them again if you already have them. There is
a sample-files-extra zip file which can be downloaded to get the few
new files needed.

You may notice that there is a new exercises-source zip file as well.
This has been added to allow people to generate a subset of exercises
for a workshop. The package contains the XML source of the tutorial, and
instructions on how to generate the HTML version, or a workshop version.

Katherine Don