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From Diego Spano
DateFri Jul 9 01:45:56 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Cover Images
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To have cover images you have to put a □jpg□ file next to the document file
and with the same name. Suppose you have book.pdf in import folder. If you
place there a file named book.jpg (same filename, different extension) then
GS will assume that that jpg is the cover image for book.pdf file. That□s

If you want to modify the format statements to show the cover image, you
have to place [DocImage] wherever you want the image to be showed.


Diego Spano

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I have been working with Greenstone for a few months now on my Macbook and
have had difficulty figuring out how to create cover images for files (pdf,
doc, etc...) in my library. From what I gather in the documentation □ with
what little mention there is of cover images □ it seems that Greenstone
should be creating these cover images automatically (by default) and placing
them in the collection□s archive folder. Unfortunately, I□m not seeing cover
images being generated and I can□t figure out why. If you know what the root
or source of this difficulty is, I would really appreciate some assistance
to get it working on my machine.

Thank you,
Jay Clark

MAF Learning Technologies

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