Re: [greenstone-users] Error searching into a collection

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 08 Apr 2004 09:00:26 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Error searching into a collection
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Hi Diego

Is this the last or only message in error.txt? It is the last message
that is the relevant one.
The QueryFilter failed message usually occurs if the index is not there
or is faulty.
Please check through the build output and make sure that the indexes
built ok.
Also have a look in the index directories - in
gsdl/collect/yourcol/index there should be several directories - text,
and one for each index you specified. the index directories should have
several files in them: .i, .idb1-3, .w etc.

You might also want to try and rebuild the collection with a higher
verbosity setting to see if there is any more information in the output.

If you can't see anything wrong, tar up your import and etc directories
and send them to me (off the list) and I'll have a look.
(However, please note that today is my last day before Easter, and I
won't be back at work until 19th April)

Katherine Don

Diego Spano wrote:
> I have a collection built with PagedImgPlug plugin. When I try to search
> I get the following error message:
> Oops!
> An error occurred during the construction of the cgi page. The error
> log, c:Program Filesgsdletcerror.txt, contains the following
> information:
> queryaction::search_single_collections: call to QueryFilter failed for
> mybook collection (protocol error)
> What can I do? Build process ends without problems.
> Thanks in advance.
> Diego Spano
> Archivo Digital
> Secretaria de DD. HH.
> Ministerio de Justicia, Seguridad y DD. HH
> <>
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