Re: Images

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 03 Apr 2003 08:43:39 +1200
Subject Re: Images
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hi diego

the cover image should have the same name as the file it belongs to, eg if the text file is called snails.txt, the cover image
should be called snails.jpg, and it should be put in the same folder as the text file (which it sounds like you did).
you should also add -cover_image to the TEXTPlug line in collect.cfg (I don't know if this is on by default or not)

hope this helps,

Diego Spano wrote:

Hi List, How do I import images inside documents? I mean, I got a book in txt format and I want to show its cover. So I put the files in import folder (the txt file and the cover in jpg format) and run import and buildcol commands. The metadata.xml file was created with Organizer, the collect.cfg has the "format DocumentImages true" parameter set, and everything seems to be ok, but when I do a search I can view the document but no image is displayed.Must the image file has an specific name? Do I have to explicitly mention it in metadata.xml? Thanks Diego