Re: want to work

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 07 Apr 2003 10:58:20 +1200
Subject Re: want to work
Hi Bivash,

First, there is already someone working on a Nepalese translation of the
Greenstone interface: Anup Poudyal. Maybe you know this person? If you
do, you might like to work together.

There are two methods of translating the Greenstone interface into
another language:

1. Manually creating new macro files for the language. The macros folder
of a Greenstone installation contains all the macros that Greenstone
uses for its interface. To create a Nepalese interface you would copy to, and then edit this file, translating the macro
text strings (inside the { }s) into Nepali. Macros names (like _this_)
should not be translated, nor should HTML tags. You also need to add
"[l=ne]" after each macro name to specify that this is the Nepalese
translation (have a look at some of the other translations, such as and, for examples). Lastly, you would need to add
"" to the end of the macrofiles line in the etcmain.cfg file
for the Nepali interface to be used. If you want a complete translation
of the Greenstone interface then you would also repeat this process with
the file (copy to, translate macros, add filename
to main.cfg).


2. Using the "interface language translation" utility at This is a web-based interface for
translating the Greenstone macro files into new languages that is
hopefully easier than manually editing the macro files. I'd recommend
that you have a quick play with this utility and then make your
decision. I am making improvements to the translator at the moment so if
you decide to use this I would recommend that you wait a day or two
before starting your translation for real. Once you had finished
translating the macros, we would send you the finished macro files.

It is also possible to run a copy of the interface translation utility
locally on your machine, but it is currently disabled by default so it
would involve recompiling the Greenstone code. If you really want to do
this then I can give you further instructions.

- Michael