[greenstone-users] Greenstone Z3950 server

From Zachary Spalding
DateThu Aug 6 07:08:16 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone Z3950 server
I am trying to get the z3950 server started on our Greenstone install
but I keep seeing invalid query string message in the log. Any ideas?
Here is a copy of my z3950 log during a search.


14:58:58-05/08 [server] Starting server ./z3950server pid=23694
14:59:01-05/08 [session] Connect from tcp:
14:59:01-05/08 z3950server(1) [session] Starting session 1 from
tcp: (pid=23695)
Entering bend_init
Starting Z39.50 Server ...
Z3950Server: gsdlhome = /greenstone/gsdl2.75
Constructing set list server
Server constructed
Initialised server: return status = 1
(4/Title) (1003/Author) (1018/Publisher) (1035/text) (1035/text)
<IndexText/IN> <PublicationTitle/PU> <Title/TI> <Date/DA>
<SafePublicationCode/SA> <Type/TY> <text/TX>
basenews is Z39.50 capable
(4/Title) (1003/Author) (1018/Publisher) (1035/text) (1035/text)
Warning: Did not find indexfieldmap in build.cfg for demo
(4/Title) (1003/Author) (1018/Publisher) (1035/text) (1035/text)
<IndexText/IN> <PublicationTitle/PU> <Title/TI> <Date/DA>
<SafePublicationCode/SA> <Type/TY> <text/TX>
newshrvh is Z39.50 capable
14:59:01-05/08 z3950server(1) [request] Init OK - ID:81/81
Name:ZOOM-C/YAZ Version:1.154/3.0.26 WIN32 Release
Entering ztest_search
querytype = 1
attributeSetId = 128401000331-1
Supressing square brackets for the moment!
GSQuery = `[esopus]:TI'
Searching basename = newshrvh
calling filter...
Lucene command: "/greenstone/gsdl2.75/bin/script/lucene_query.pl"
"/greenstone/gsdl2.75/collect/newshrvh/index/didx" "[esopus]:TI" -dco
AND -startresults 1 -endresults 10000
Cached: false
syntax problem: invalid query string "[esopus]:TI".
returned from filter.
search complete.
14:59:01-05/08 z3950server(1) [request] Search OK 0 1 1+0 RPN: @attrset
Bib-1 @attr 1=4 esopus
14:59:01-05/08 z3950server(1) [session] Connection closed by client
Entering bend_close
heap cleaned up, exiting bend_close
statserv_main returns: 0