[greenstone-users] Greenstone OAI Server

From Zachary Spalding
DateFri Aug 14 02:48:44 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone OAI Server
I got some wonderfull advice earlyer in the week in regards to z39.50
(thanks Katherine) I thought I would try again this time with OAI.

I can not seem to get my items to appear via the OAI interface, I keep
getting the following error
<error code="noRecordsMatch">No record matches all the requested
parameters</error> when I access them at the following URL

When I do a listsets it does show my collection correctly

The OAI server will also identify it self correctly

In my oai.cfg file i am using the following

#the baseURL used by the oaiserver
#Example: baseURL "http://your-domain-name/cgi-bin/oaiserver"
baseURL "http://news.hrvh.org/cgi-bin/oaiserver"

# The OAI repository name - human readable
repositoryName "HRVH Historic Newspapers"

# The central administrative email address for the repository.
maintainer "noc@senylrc.org"

# Which version of OAI the repository supports, 1.1 or 2.0
# (The server supports both)
oaiversion "2.0"

# How many records to output before needing a resumption token
# A value of -1 will return all records for a request
resumeafter -1

# A list of collections that should be made available to OAI clients. By
# default, collections are not available.
# There can be more than one line: each line must start with oaicollection,
# and this is followed by one or more collection names. The collection name
# is the name of the collection's folder in the collect directory.
oaicollection newshrvh

#mappings for newshrvh
oaimapping newshrvh:Title dc.Title

Can someone see what I am missing with my OAI setup?

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