[greenstone-users] Greenstone OAI Server

From Katherine Don
DateSun Aug 16 15:41:19 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone OAI Server
In-Reply-To (4A8427BB-3020109-senylrc-org)
Hi Zachary

what version of greenstone are you using? do you have a greenstone
library that uses that collection? I tried substituting library for
oaiserver in the address, but that didn't work.

It seems that the collection is not actually available for some reason.
I guess check that the collection is a valid one. And that it has Title
metadata (which I am sure it would do, as we try to extract Title
wherever possible). Is the collection built?
I am not sure if I have fixed this for the latest greenstone version,
but older ones definitely did no checking about whether a collection was
present before advertising it in list sets.

I can't remember where any error messages go, if anywhere. Try checking
your apache log file and greenstone's etc/error.txt to see if there are
any error messages.

Zachary Spalding wrote:
> I got some wonderfull advice earlyer in the week in regards to z39.50
> (thanks Katherine) I thought I would try again this time with OAI.
> I can not seem to get my items to appear via the OAI interface, I
> keep getting the following error
> <error code="noRecordsMatch">No record matches all the requested
> parameters</error> when I access them at the following URL
> http://news.hrvh.org/cgi-bin/oaiserver?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc
> When I do a listsets it does show my collection correctly
> http://news.hrvh.org/cgi-bin/oaiserver?verb=ListSets
> The OAI server will also identify it self correctly
> http://news.hrvh.org/cgi-bin/oaiserver?verb=Identify
> In my oai.cfg file i am using the following
> #the baseURL used by the oaiserver
> #Example: baseURL "http://your-domain-name/cgi-bin/oaiserver"
> baseURL "http://news.hrvh.org/cgi-bin/oaiserver"
> # The OAI repository name - human readable
> repositoryName "HRVH Historic Newspapers"
> # The central administrative email address for the repository.
> maintainer "noc@senylrc.org"
> # Which version of OAI the repository supports, 1.1 or 2.0
> # (The server supports both)
> oaiversion "2.0"
> # How many records to output before needing a resumption token
> # A value of -1 will return all records for a request
> resumeafter -1
> # A list of collections that should be made available to OAI clients. By
> # default, collections are not available.
> # There can be more than one line: each line must start with
> oaicollection,
> # and this is followed by one or more collection names. The collection
> name
> # is the name of the collection's folder in the collect directory.
> oaicollection newshrvh
> #mappings for newshrvh
> oaimapping newshrvh:Title dc.Title
> Can someone see what I am missing with my OAI setup?