[greenstone-users] about macro

From Katherine Don
DateSun Aug 16 15:54:23 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] about macro
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Hi Heather

Have you tried redefining /gsdlmod?e=d-00000-00---off-0gsarch--00-0----0-10-0---0---0direct-10---4-----dfr--0-1l--11-en-50---20-help-Sambhavi+Cheemalapati--00-0-1-00-0--4----0-0-11-10-0utfZz-8-00&a=p&p=about macro in macros/base.dm?

Its currently
/gsdlmod?e=d-00000-00---off-0gsarch--00-0----0-10-0---0---0direct-10---4-----dfr--0-1l--11-en-50---20-help-Sambhavi+Cheemalapati--00-0-1-00-0--4----0-0-11-10-0utfZz-8-00&a=p&p=about {/gsdlmod?e=d-00000-00---off-0gsarch--00-0----0-10-0---0---0direct-10---4-----dfr--0-1l--11-en-50---20-help-Sambhavi+Cheemalapati--00-0-1-00-0--4----0-0-11-10-0utfZz-8-00&a=p&p=about}

Make the content of that macro a link to the page you want. If you also
want to remove the link from the collection name in the page header,
then modify the Greenstone Archives collection macro in base.dm and remove the < a
href> tags.

Note, this is valid for 2.82. If you are using quite an old release,
then it may be a bit different.


Heather Rolen wrote:
> Hello Greenstone Users,
> I'm trying to redirect away from the About page, either disabling the
> link in the collection name, or redirecting from 'About' to a different
> page.
> I've tried adding a redirect to extra.dm file for the collection but I
> don't have the correct name or reference for About. If anyone who has
> done this would be willing to contact me, I would greatly appreciate it!
> Thank you,
> Heather
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