[greenstone-users] export problem

From Katherine Don
DateSun Aug 16 16:10:34 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] export problem
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Can you please explain a bit more about the customisations you have
made? Have you modified macro files in the main macros area? Or do you
have collection specific macros?

Are you running the export from gs 2.82 or 2.80? When you say that you
are using 2.82 but collection was built in 2.80, what do you mean? Does
the collection look ok in your 2.82 installation?

Mr. Siva Chidambaram wrote:
> Dear GSDL user
> I have built two seperate collection for one subject with home page
> construction. When export to this collection in CD-ROM , the homepage
> information is not appearing one the collection image is appearing .
> could you please guide me how to get the homepage information in the
> CD-ROM. I am using 2.82 version, collection was build in 2.80 verion
> of GSDL.
> Thanks
> Siva
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