[greenstone-users] Please advice me about new collection by Web

From yimcharoen pollop
DateMon Aug 3 17:44:53 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Please advice me about new collection by Web
Hello Greenstone

I'm new one in greenstone, i'm interesting in greenstone
software because it's can support my project. i've project
about digital library. it's simple project that manage
document in department of university (such as document in,
document out, minute meeting) user can add new document,
edit and search (view and print) document by search.

My project plan develop by web application but i only know
document can add update create by GLI only, can i create web
for do something that? because i want to create web to
support for user add document simply. user can create new
collection, add document, update, delete document through
web application that i develop, i don't know how can i
develop this web, could u please advise me, please

thank you

pollop yimcharoen