[greenstone-devel] Using the DC qualified in "format Documenttext"

From Sébastien Declercq
DateMon Aug 31 22:49:16 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Using the DC qualified in "format Documenttext"
Hello !

I'm trying to modify the visual aspect of my collections and especially using a system based on the Qualified Dublin Core.

However, I'm wondering how to use the metadata which contains spaces or the symbol ^ because, apparently, it doesn't work...

Per example :

<tr>{If}{[dc.Title],<td align="center" valign="center">it works!</td>}</tr>

works but

<tr>{If}{[dc.Resource Identifier],<td align="center" valign="center">it works!</td>}</tr>


<tr>{If}{[dc.Relation^Is Part Of],<td align="center" valign="center">it works!</td>}</tr>

refuse to work...

Maybe am I making a mistake ?

Or should I modify something in order to make it works ?

Thank you in advance for your answers,


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