[greenstone-users] auto restart after power failure

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Oct 18 14:01:45 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] auto restart after power failure
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Hi Catherine,

The Greenstone 3 can enter the Greenstone Digital Library automatically
without clicking the Enter Library button. It appears to be a feature
present in version 3.04 of Greenstone, but I am not sure if your version
of Greenstone 3 supports it. Can you check whether you are able to do
the following with the version you are using:

1. Make sure your Greenstone 3 server is not running.

2. Open the file build.properties, located in the top-level Greenstone 3
folder, in a text editor.

3. Look for a line that starts with

4. Set its value to true and save the file:

5. Try restarting the server: run the server's graphical interface
application, the Greenstone Server Interface, by typing "gs3-server.sh"
on Linux and Macs. On Windows, use a DOS prompt to type "gs3-server.bat"
or click the Greenstone Server shortcut in your Windows Start menu.

6. Now the Enter Library button should not be necessary as the
Greenstone Server Interface dialog should have started the Greenstone
server automatically on startup.

7. Set up your Windows, Linux or Mac machine to run the Greenstone
server automatically when your operating system is started up.

ALTERNATIVELY -- and the would probably work with Greenstone versions
older than 3.04 as well:

The server is started using the command "ant start" (and can similarly
be stopped with "ant stop", while an "ant restart" command ensures that
it stops any running instance of the server before trying to restart it).

You type this command into your command-line interface -- a terminal on
Mac and Linux, DOS prompt in Windows -- and it should start the
Greenstone server. You can check that it has done so by opening a
browser and visiting your Greenstone 3 digital library URL at the usual
host and port (this would be specified in build.properties where it can
also be changed).

If you are comfortable using this alternative method, then follow step 7
above to setup your Operating System to automatically run "ant
restart" from the Greenstone 3 installation directory on booting up.

Write us if you have any questions or further difficulties,

Catherine Chambers wrote:
> Hello
> My institution suffers from frequent power outages, and unfortunately
> our Greenstone server does not have a UPS.
> I was wondering if there was anyway to automatically restart the
> Greenstone server without having to manually click on the 'Enter
> Library' button when the machine restarted after an outage? I am using
> Greenstone 3 on Fedora.
> Thanks,
> Catherine
> Systems Librarian : Mzuzu University
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