[greenstone-users] Disk space

From Katherine Don
DateTue Oct 26 11:07:36 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Disk space
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Hi William

I would have thought that having metadata names with spaces wouldn't
work. But I guess it does.
The main thing is to get the names consistent between defining it and
using it.
So it appears you are fine to have spaces. If you do remove the spaces,
then you need to change the classifier metadata option too so that it


William Mann wrote:
> Hello Katherine,
> Il 14/10/2010 20:31, Katherine Don ha scritto:
>> HI William
>> Which tutorial used metadata with spaces? Just geneal tutorials, or
>> is there something about item files with metadata like that?
>> In GLI we display a language specific version of a metadata element,
>> eg dc.Subject and Keywords, but everywhere behind the scenes, eg in
>> metadata files, it must be the identifier, eg dc.Subject, with no
>> spaces. The tutorials deal with GLI so use dc.Subject and Keywords.
> You're right: the tutorial I was following was dealing with GLI. In my
> collection I'm only using images and no text so I needed to create
> some metadata to be able to organize them: so I automatically create
> the .item files using some data provided to me about the directory
> contents and in the .item files I'm creating the metadata like so:
> <Title>Disegni
> <Subject and Keywords>Disegni, dipinti e fotografie|Disegni e
> quadri|Disegni
> 1:0001_disegni_disegni.jpg
> 2:0002_disegni_disegni.jpg
> 3:0003_disegni_disegni.jpg
> ...
> then in my collect.cfg I have:
> classify Hierarchy -metadata "ex.Subject and Keywords" -buttonname
> Classifiche -separator [|] -sort dc.Title
> This setup seems to work fine. But if I'm understanding correctly,
> you're saying that in my .item file I shouldn't have the spaces?
>> To get a / in your metadata you can try / (thats backslash, forward
>> slash, is an escape character). Re accents, if your item file is in
>> utf8 then it should be fine. If not, please send me (off list) one of
>> your item files and I'll take a look at the plugin.
> Thanks for the the information.