Re: [greenstone-devel] Linux/Java install problems

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 14 Oct 2005 10:52:17 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Linux/Java install problems
In-Reply-To (20051010192729-GA29615-mercycorps-org)
Hi Doug,

>I downloaded GS 2.62 for Linux and every installed perfectly. It seems
>that the Java problems of the past have been corrected. Good news.

>However, the glp-2.62 distribution still has the old JVM problem:
> This application requires a Java Run Time Environment (JRE)
> to run. Searching for one on your computer was not successful.
> Please use the command line switch -is:javahome to specify
> a valid JRE. For more help use the option -is:help.
>Would it be possible for the glp to get updated with the new and
>improved installer?
What version of Java are you using? I might have forgotten to update the
Language Pack installer to handle Java 1.5 correctly. I'll check this
and fix it if so.

>I tried getting the language pack from CVS, but the CVS page only
>references gsdl and gli modules.
I've updated the CVS page to explain how to get the non-core images out
of CVS (package: "gsdl-non-core-images"). Once you've done this you need
to uncomment the non-core macrofiles and Language entries in the
etc/main.cfg file.

Thanks for pointing out this omission.

>Also, the "Customizing the Greenstone User Interface" link:
>is broken.
This site seems to be running again now.

All the best,