Re: [greenstone-users] Problems with subcollections

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 19 Dec 2005 17:28:35 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problems with subcollections
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Hi Susan

I am a bit confused about whether you are talking about subcollections
or hierarchy classifiers, or are you trying to do both?

If you want a new button on the navigation bar, you can create it at
Fill in the boxes, then follow the instructions - you'll need to
download the images, and make some changes to macro files. This also
gives you the macros for the help messages on the about page.

If you want subcollections, you can define filters on metadata, then
define subcollections based on the filters. You can use any metadata
element for this. The usp metadata set was only available for the Fiji
I'm not sure what your problem is with this - can you please explain it
in more detail.


Susan Fineman wrote:
> Hello Greenstone Users,
> I am building a digital library with 5 subcollections. I am using
> Dublin Core metadata. I built the hierarchy in dc.Relation (which wasn□t
> being used otherwise), after unsuccessfully trying to add the usp
> metadata set and build the hierarchy in usp.Category as shown in Lab 4
> of the Fiji tutorial. Using dc.Relation works for organizing the
> documents, but is unsatisfactory because the word □Relations□ shows up
> on the About page where I would like to have □Subcollections.□ When I
> use the button name option for the hierarchy classifier, I get the
> appropriate word but I haven□t been able to format it to match the rest
> of the navigation bar items. So, my questions are:
> 1. What□s a good way to define subcollections using Dublin Core metadata?
> 2. How does one format a button name?
> 3. What file does the text for the middle of the About page ( with the
> heading How to find information □) come from? I can□t locate in the
> file.
> Susan Fineman
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