[greenstone-users] Re: Word File Processing Problem

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateThu Dec 4 14:20:16 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Word File Processing Problem
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Hello Biju,

While I've had one word document that did not get converted for me, it
did not not produce the message you encountered but instead caused the
build process to stall indefinitely.

Katherine of the Greenstone Team has told me that the kind of problem
you've come up against can happen when the wvware tool that Greenstone
uses to convert Word docs to html is not compatible with the version of
the Word doc in question.

Here are her suggestions on what you could try:
1. Instead of using wvware, you could use windows scripting. This is
available to you only if you're running GLI on a Windows platform.
Windows scripting uses Windows' own capabilities to convert Word docs to
html (such as MS Word's Save As HTML option). Please refer to
for a tutorial that covers this.

2. You can set GLI to run in Expert Mode in order to see a more
descriptive error message as to what went wrong. Go to the menu File >
Preferences > Mode > Expert.

All the best,

Biju R wrote:
> Dear Anupama
> I was building a word files collection with Greenstone 2.81rc in
> windows. I got an error message like "*The file keralam.doc was
> recognised but could not be processed by any plugin*" The file is build
> with MS Word 2003. Word Pluggin is available in the *Assigned
> Pluggins.* Please give me a solution.
> With regards
> --
> Biju
> Kerala, India
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> Biju R
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> Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
> IIMK Campus PO
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