[greenstone-users] Text preparation

From Julian Fox
DateFri, 16 Feb 2007 21:51:39 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Text preparation
Hi there,
Since I'm usually asking others for solutions, (and will be continuing
to do so!) I thought I should contribute a little experience that might
help others: text preparation of a quite tricky kind done for Greenstone
with asciidoc. I have had to work with historical texts that have been
annotated - hence line endings (numbered every 5 lines to help) are
crucial - and these were available to me in html, but the html didn't
respect line endings, just produced normal paragraph blocks. Whoever did
the job had simply used hyperlinks to another set of notes kept in
another folder, to make reference to items in various lines. I found
that Greenstone didn't like those links, and left me unable to reproduce
all the critical apparatus as one might have it on a printed page -
perhaps I could have overcome that through Greenstone had I known how
but I didn't!
Instead, I have prepared the texts using asciidoc markup (which is
almost not markup, it's so simple), converted them easily to xhtml and
have found that G'stone abides by the result in its conversion and gives
me just what I want as an end result. Without going into the
particulars, I simply make the point that this approach has worked for
me, so it might work work for others who have to pay particular
attention to tricky text presentation details. It's very useful to have
a toolchain that works without having to be too skilled about it :-)