Re: [greenstone-users] Greenstone does not find gsdlsite.cfg o(n DebianSarge)

From Michael Dewsnip
DateThu, 14 Jul 2005 09:42:16 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Greenstone does not find gsdlsite.cfg o(n DebianSarge)
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Hi Alberto,

>I'm trying to install Greenstone on Debian Sarge. After some unsuccesful
>attempts, a decided to compile and this time I receive at least an
>error message from the server:
>The gsdlsite.cfg configuration file does not contain a valid gsdlhome
>entry. Gsdlsite.cfg should reside in the same directory as the library
>executable file."
>In the browser I type http://myserver/cgi-bin/library. When I run the
>executable "library" from command line, it indeed runs. But not from the
>outside browser. I am aware that in the command line case the
>environment variables may vary. But the gsdlsite.cfg file is really
>where it should be. What should I do first?
If you compile Greenstone from source you need to manually set the
gsdlhome entry in the cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg file. This should be set to
the path where you've installed Greenstone.

(Depending on what address your Greenstone server is running on you
might also have to set httpprefix and httpimg).

>Also, trying to install on Windows (whatever Windows, ME or Win2000, for
>instance), the installer complains about not findig Java. But in the
>documentation I find nothing about having to install some kind of JRE or
>something. Couuld any of you be so kind giving me a hand?
How far do you get through the installer? Does it tell you right near
the start that it can't find Java, or do you get to the end of the
installation process and get a warning about missing Java?

We have recently switched to using an Installshield X installer, which
is a huge advantage to us because we only need to maintain one
installer, rather than one for each platform. The disadvantage is that
it requires a version of Java to run. If you want to use the Greenstone
Librarian Interface for collection building (and we strongly recommend
you do, if you've just started with Greenstone) then you'll need Java
anyway, so I hope it isn't too much hassle to install it.