Re: Fwd: Re: [greenstone-users] Headerpage parameter inPagedImgPlug

From Gavin Spomer
DateWed, 15 Aug 2007 14:20:29 -0700
Subject Re: Fwd: Re: [greenstone-users] Headerpage parameter inPagedImgPlug
Ah, got it. Now I understand what you're saying.

>>> Richard Managh <> 08/15/07 1:13 PM >>>
Hi Gavin,

Gavin Spomer wrote:

>You sure about this? I haven't tested this and perhaps I am misunderstanding your meaning, but certainly you cannot put header page metadata between any <Page></Page> sets and most likely it cannot exist in the <PageGroup></PageGroup> section... or can it?
>>>>Richard Managh <> 08/14/07 3:19 PM >>>
>There is no specific position for the header page in the .item file.
What I meant was, there is no specific section in the .item files that
is explicitly responsible for the header page. Or to say it another way,
there is no section that seems obviously made for the header page:

i.e. there is no

<header page>


However, we can use top-level metadata, for the header page which in the
case of your .item file is contained between the <PagedDocument> tag
and the <PageGroup> tag. As you say, I would be very surprised if you
could put metadata between any <Page></Page> tags or any
<PageGroup></PageGroup> tags, and have it display on the header page.
Because then it wouldn't be top-level metadata.

It's a subtle semantic thing. Personally, I wouldn't call metadata after
the <PagedDocument> tag specifically "header page metadata" - I think it
is more correct to call it "top-level metadata". But still, of course,
we can use this top-level metadata for the header page, and when we use
the -headerpage parameter, effectively it is "header page metadata".


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