Re: [greenstone-users] questions on designing the webpage

From Gavin Spomer
DateFri, 14 Sep 2007 10:30:55 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] questions on designing the webpage
>>> Beth Wohlgemuth <> 09/14/07 8:51 AM >>>
>How do we use macros to change the interface of our collection? In
>our macro folder there is only one macro entitled "". Are
>we missing some and can we get them somewhere.

If you want to adjust the macros for *ALL* collections, you can edit the files in the main macros directory. If your
Greenstone installation installation is in /usr/local/ then your macros will be in /usr/local/gsdl/macros/. If you want to
change any macros for *ONE* specific collection, you can override the main macros with your collection's file.

>Our "document" (metadata) is not visible, how do we make it visible?

If you are using Dublin Core then you can put variables, such as [dc.Title], [dc.Subject], [dc.Date], etc. in your format
strings. If you are using the GLI, this is in the Format Tab->Format Features. Try inserting these and other variables into
your VList, DocumentHeading and DocumentText format strings for starters.

>How do we add/change text on the Help and Preferences pages?

Edit either the appropriate main macro files and/or override in your collection's file.

>How do we change the text on our homepage?

Again, this is controlled by macros. Some of this in the macro file and some other files control this as well. Keep
in mind that you can have macros within macros within macros, so you need to spend some time figuring out which file
they exist in. There is some logic to the names of the macro files and I can tell you that and control
many things. Also, if you want a "homemade" home macro, you can copy the to say, edit that to
your liking and then edit /usr/local/gsdl/etc/main.cfg to include in the macrofiles list instead of

>How do we insert an image on our homepage? Do we use the GLI?

See above.

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Beth Wohlgemuth, Head Librarian
Illinois Natural History Survey Library
1027 I-Building
1816 South Oak Street
Champaign IL 61820
Phone (217)244-4907
Fax (217)333-4949