Re: [greenstone-users] Installation Problem

From Gavin Spomer
DateThu, 04 Oct 2007 08:19:19 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Installation Problem
Hello Huw,

I suspect you're doing just fine. Is it possible that instead of browsing to your document root you can browse to the library executable in cgi-bin? For example:

Instead of browsing to http://[yourservernamehere]/

Browse to http://[yourservernamehere]/cgi-bin/library

Let me know if this works. Then we can help you with a redirect if that's what you're after.

- Gavin

>>> Huw Wyn Jones <> 11/04/07 6:27 AM >>>

My first question to the list so please be gentle!! I'm installing
Greenstone on a Fedora Core 6 server and I've run into a little
installation issue. Greenstone is installed in the document root of the
webserver but when I access it all I see is a listing of all the files
and directories.

Index of /
[ICO] Name Last modified Size Description
[TXT] INSTALL_RECORD 31-Jul-2007 16:12 7.3K
[ ] 31-Jul-2007 16:01 184
[ ] VERSION 31-Jul-2007 16:12 63
[DIR] bin/ 31-Jul-2007 16:07 -
[DIR] cgi-bin/ 31-Jul-2007 16:12 -
[DIR] collect/ 31-Jul-2007 16:01 -
[DIR] etc/ 31-Jul-2007 16:01 -
[DIR] gli/ 31-Jul-2007 16:12 -
[DIR] images/ 31-Jul-2007 16:02 -
[DIR] macros/ 31-Jul-2007 16:02 -
[DIR] mappings/ 31-Jul-2007 16:02 -
[DIR] perllib/ 31-Jul-2007 16:12 -
[TXT] setup.bash 31-Jul-2007 16:12 4.4K
[ ] setup.csh 31-Jul-2007 16:12 741
[DIR] tmp/ 31-Jul-2007 16:02 -

Where did I go wrong?



Huw Wyn Jones
Fforwm Gwledig Cymru
Wales Rural Forum

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