[greenstone-users] GLI-clien for Mac OS/X

From Gavin Spomer
DateMon May 12 07:12:04 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI-clien for Mac OS/X
Hello Renate,

I didn't check to see where this setting is stored in Mac OS X, but I found it was possible to run the client without connecting to the server, go into the FileMenu->Preferences->ConnectionTab and change this info. You WILL get a handful of error messages, but it will still load the GLI client. After you change the setting, just close the GLI client and start it up again.


- Gavin

>>> Renate Morgenstern <rmorgenstern@unam.na> 05/11/08 9:58 AM >>>
We use the Gli-client to connect to a Linux server for remote building.
In the meantime the IP number of the server was changed and now we can't
connect anymore. Where in Mac OS/X is this file saved, to delete it and
start again.

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