[greenstone-users] Digital Image Collections And CoolIris

From Gavin Spomer
DateWed Oct 29 04:31:14 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Digital Image Collections And CoolIris
> >>> glawson <glawson@rollinghills.lib.mo.us> 10/27/08 4:09 PM >>>
> The Cooliris add-on is apparently limited to Microsoft's operating
> systems and Apple's Safari; and will not work on the various *nix
> platforms running Firefox, Konqueror, Opera, et al. I don't know for
> sure, but I suspect it will not work with Google's Chrome, at least on
> Linux. There is a brief statement on the Cooliris web site that suggests
> possible Linux support "eventually", and requests support and
> understanding. http://www.cooliris.com/support/?p=commonquestions

Contrary to what it says on their site, Cool Iris is compatible with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Flock and Internet Explorer and, with the exception of IE, they work on both Windows and Mac OS X. I have installed and tested it in all instances above.

> My greatest source of confusion though, is with several terms of
> Cooliris's End User License Agreement (EULA):
> 1. Licensed Uses and Restrictions.
> By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you represent to Cooliris Inc.
> ... that you are at least 18 years old.

That's strange, I wonder why?

> It's my guess that, given the Cooliris EULA, any attempt to actually
> integrate it into Greenstone would be a violation of the GPL? If it were
> truly an independent plug-in/add-on, perhaps it would be OK? I'm not
> sure of the technicalities of that. Obviously I don't understand what I
> see as conflicts between the EULA and the LGPL license terms; perhaps
> someone could enlighten me.

I don't think actual, 100% integration would work from any point of view. I think it would be perfectly sufficient to just have a Cool Iris plugin that would generate the the XML file needed for the plugin do its thing with the images on your site. All that would be left would be to modify the appropriate macro so that the <l!nk> tag to the html header to point to the XML file. I doubt THIS would violate any of EULA terms since they actually tell you how to make these files yourself on their site. What do you think?

I have made small attempts to understand the Greenstone plugins. My favorite programming language is Perl, after all. Seems like a modified version of the GAPlug would do the trick. I will try when I have the time... if I ever have the time. ;) By the way, I couldn't locate any documentation on developing Greenstone plugins. Can anyone send me a link or two?

> I guess I just have some concerns about possibly moving Greenstone is a
> direction away from being truly cross-platform. My sincere apologies if
> I have misunderstood or inadvertently misrepresented any of the above,
> nor is it my intention to cause offense to anyone.

A very valid concern indeed. Thanks for you comments! :)

> Greg Lawson