[greenstone-users] What is ISIS use for?

From Gavin Spomer
DateThu Oct 30 03:47:17 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] What is ISIS use for?
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> >>> Luke Onwuka <lukedom_easy01@YAHOO.com> 10/29/08 6:46 AM >>>
> I have been hearing of the word ISIS but i have not use it for once. Can anyone give me little note on what ISIS means and how it can be use with Greenstone?
> Thank you.
> Lukedom

It is a plugin that processes ISIS database files. I have never used it either, but I have no need to use it.

The Greenstone Wiki Plugins page says:

ISISPlug.pm ISIS database files

Running "pluginfo.pl ISISPlug" from the command line, the description says:

This plugin processes CDS/ISIS databases. For each CDS/ISIS database processed, three files must exist in the collection's import
folder: the Master file (.mst), the Field Definition Table (.fdt), and the Cross-Reference File (.xrf).

A quick Google'n and I found Unesco's CDS/ISIS page:


Hope this helps.

Gavin Spomer
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