Re: [greenstone-users] Dublin Core Metadata/PagedImageCollection

From Gavin Spomer
DateTue, 22 May 2007 13:04:33 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Dublin Core Metadata/PagedImageCollection
Thanks for your suggestion Arthur, I genuinely appreciate the effort. However, the problem still exists.

Yes, I know how to put variables in format strings and I know were they SHOULD show up. For example, I have values input for dc.Title and have (as a test) put [dc.Title] into all my format strings. It doesn't display anywhere. Craziest thing I've ever seen. Never had this not work in any of my other (non-paged-image) collections.

I did discover something that gives me a clue, even if it's a small one, to what is going on. The doc.xml files for this collection don't seem to have any dc.* data in them, even though I enter it into the GLI client and then build. Somehow the dc data isn't getting into the collection in the first place. Any ideas why?

- Gavin

>>> "Arthur R. Belanger" <> 05/22/07 10:42 AM >>>
Gavin (et al.),

I have been able to do what you seem to be trying to do. What you do to
make the dc.Title appear depends on which display you want the data to
show up.

If you want it to show up on one of your classifier displays or your
search results page, just add [dc.Title] to the appropriate format

If you want it to show up on the individual document pages in the
header, try this:

format DocumentHeading "{Or}{[parent(Top):dc.Title],[Title],untitled}<br>"
(all on 1 line)

This worked for me.
Good luck.

Gavin Spomer wrote:
> Just thought I'd take another crack at bringing some attention to my question. Seems like someone should have answers... ;)
> - Gavin
>>>> Gavin Spomer <spomerg@cwu.EDU> 05/15/07 2:22 PM >>>
> Do paged-image collections not allow dublin core metadata like a normal collection?
> I have added some dublin core metadata values to a paged-image collection (to the item files AND the images) with the GLI client and I can't get it to show up on the document page. For example, using [dc.Title] in a format string will not show up, even though I have a value for it. I am perplexed. If you can't do this with paged-image collections why are there empty, dublin core, blanks to type into in the Enrich tab?
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