[greenstone-users] Fwd: regarding gsdl library sytem interface GLI

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Oct 18 14:18:00 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Fwd: regarding gsdl library sytem interface GLI
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Hi Rajesh,

You wrote:
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> Subject: regarding gsdl library sytem interface GLI
> Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 14:36:25 +0530
> From: rajesh D <rajeshd@cmpdi.co.in>
> To: lesleyd@cs.waikato.ac.nz
> Hi sir,
> When I am doble clicking the GLI.bat file it opens a comand
> prompt window and exits from there. Its not opening the GLI interface.
> So I request you to please help me in thins regard.
> Thanks and regards
> Rajesh

Are you using Greenstone 2.83? The problem you mention sounds related to
a known issue with version 2.83 (and has been fixed for the next release).

The workaround for Greenstone 2.83 has been described by Diego Spano on
the mailing list, which I am copying below.

Write back if any issues or questions remain,

Fwd: Diego Spano's message of 14/07/10 02:03


I think that if you start the web server with gs2-server.bat, will will
always get that error. Try using "gsicontrol.bat". This batch file allows
you many things: change port number, start and stop the Apache web server
bundled with GS, etc. It accepts many parameters like:


So, try the following:

1- In a command window, go to Greenstone install folder and run setup.bat.
2- Then run "gsicontrol.bat set-port". It will ask for a port number. Use
3333 (just to avoid conflicting with standard ports).
3- Now run "gsicontrol.bat web-start". It will run Apache web server.
4- In Internet Explorer write: "http://localhost:3333". It has to show the
message "It works" indicating that Apache is running.
5- Write "http://localhost:3333/greenstone/cgi-bin/library.cgi". It has to
show Greenstone main page.

Hope this helps!

Diego Spano