Additional lines Re: [greenstone-users] Re: Client-CLI

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateWed Oct 27 15:08:05 2010
Subject Additional lines Re: [greenstone-users] Re: Client-CLI
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Hi again Xiao,

Please read the e-mail I sent prior to this. In step 3 of the steps
outline therein, insert all the following lines instead of what the
previous email contained. While that was sufficient for me, this is more

LINES TO INSERT for step 3:

> # set up ImageMagick for the remote server
my $magick_home = &util::filename_cat($gsdl_bin_os,"imagemagick");
if(-e $magick_home) {
my $magick_bin = &util::filename_cat($magick_home,"bin");
my $magick_lib = &util::filename_cat($magick_home,"lib");

&util::envvar_append("PATH", $magick_bin);

if(!defined $ENV{'MAGICK_HOME'} || $ENV{'MAGICK_HOME'} eq "") {
$ENV{'MAGICK_HOME'} = $magick_home;

if($gsdlos eq "linux") {
&util::envvar_prepend("LD_LIBRARY_PATH", $magick_lib);
} elsif ($gsdlos eq "linux") {
&util::envvar_prepend("DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH", $magick_lib);