[greenstone-users] GS Install problems / chokes immediately

From craig pullen
DateWed Oct 13 07:52:49 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] GS Install problems / chokes immediately
I'm trying to get Greenstone properly installed onto an Ubuntu server 10.04
LTS (no gui) using an x64 bit CPU. I'm currently stuck with the immediate
/bin/sh: ./jre-bin not found error message. For anyone who has
successfully installed on Ubuntu please respond. All info is much

1) Did you use the OpenJdk or the Sun version of Java jdk?

2) If you used the Sun Java, did you install using the Ubuntu partner
repository install or the linux binary (jre-6u21-linux-x64.bin) downloaded
directly from the sun website?

3) Did you have to adjust environment varables (e.g. CLASSPATH, PATH, etc.)
after the install?

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