[greenstone-devel] Update an existing collection

From Lehoanq Gis
DateSat, 16 Apr 2005 01:46:39 -0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] Update an existing collection
Hi everybody,

I read the article "Greenstone: A Comprehensive Open-Source Digital
Library Software System" of Prof. Ian H Witten. It said that when
updating an existing collection, just placed the new file in the
import directory, in whatever form it is available. And "old material
for which GML files have previously been created is not re-imported."
I tested several times, with many options for import process, but
existing files still were re-imported (and cost lot of time because
the existing collection is quite large). Could you tell me why,
please? (As in an email before, Ms Katherine Don told me that there
is no other way to add one file into a collection, and should use
cross collection instead. I trust in her. I just wanna try for more.
But it didn't work :-) )

It's quite important for me, so please help me!

Thank you so much!