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From Deryck Hodge
DateWed, 20 Oct 2004 12:05:16 -0500
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Creative Commons Licence
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Dominique Babini wrote:
~ The virtual library is open access to the
| general public and the distribution to our member institutes is free.
| The funding agency requires from us that in the contract of the grant we
| specify that the distribution of the software to our member institutes
| will be done under a Creative Commons Licence. We know Greenstone uses
| GNU GPS but it is not clear to us which Creative Commons Licence
| corresponds to us if we are only going to distribute a software which is
| developed by Greenstone and customized to our needs, we are not going to
| make any changes in the source code, only adapting it to our own needs.
| As we have to reply to our granting organization, could we receive a reply
| from Greenstone and know about other similar experiences
| Thank you,
| Dominique

Someone from greenstone could speak about greenstone specifics, but I am
fairly familiar with the creative commons license and the GPL. Creative
Commons Licenses are for creative work, not software. CC doesn't make a
software license. The GNU GPL is a software license. The GPL allows
you to customize software, so long as you release your new version under
the GPL as well.

Hope that helps a bit. Cheers,

- --deryck

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