Re: [greenstone-users] foxpro and other issues

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 29 Oct 2004 16:39:39 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] foxpro and other issues
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Hi Fred,

> Briefly, our process is to catalog a group of special collection books in
> OCLC ; I import the records into Visual FoxPro and create a database from
> which I generate individual HTML files for each book. The HTML files are
> then brought into Greenstone.
> My questions.
> 1. In the current development stage, I am working with about 1000 records
> and have run into curious alphabetizing problems. For example, if I click
> on A in Authors A-Z, the first two or three items will be out of order,
> the rest that follow will be in correct order. This continues through
> almost each letter in the alphabet. In Titles A-Z this happens as
> well. There is the added problem that the alphabetic title listing
> occasionally will list a title twice, the first one will link to the
> alphabetically correct book, the second duplicate title will link to the
> next correct alphabetic book of a different title. Hope that's clear.

Every now and then I come across an alphabetization problem like this but it
usually turns out that Greenstone is doing everything "correctly". One change
that we made to Greenstone over the last year was to change the format
statements to use namespaced title metadata if it exists, ie.


instead of just [Title]. This, unfortunately, leads to potential mismatches
between the piece of metadata you've built the classifier on, and what you're
actually displaying to the user. For example, if you build the classifier on
ex.Title, but have some assigned dc.Title metadata, the sorting will appear to
be incorrect. Or, imagine an extreme case where you build the classifier on
title metadata but only display author metadata -- it will appear to be
completely random.

Please check carefully that this isn't the case (I've been confused by this
numerous times!). If you still have the problem, please send me personally a
small subset of the collection that exhibits the bug, and I'll investigate it.

> 2. As I indicated, I am using Visual FoxPro and from this creating HTML
> records. Is it possible to eliminate this last step and have Greenstone
> deal directly with a single Visual FoxPro table? If it would help I will
> be happy to send a sample of the table. I poked through the Greenstone
> manuals and could not locate any information on this question.

Greenstone does have a FOXPlug -- have you tried using this? I don't know much
about it but it might do what you want. You'd probably have more control over
the output by generating HTML however.