[greenstone-users] Re: Hierarchy classifier - sorting

From Katherine Don
DateMon Nov 22 06:46:55 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Hierarchy classifier - sorting
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PagedImagePLugin shouldn't make any difference. plugins are used on
importing, classifiers on build. As long as the document ends up with the
right piece of metadata, then it should be classified. You can check that
in GLI Enrich panel, (should see extracted metadata attached to item file)
or if you look in archives folder, and look at one of the doc.xml files,
then you can see what metadata has been assigned.

Try removing the -suppresslastlevel option to Hierarchy classifier, not
sure what that would do when using hfile, maybe it removes the last level
which are your documents??

Also, check your format statement, although if docs show up with no hfile,
and not with hfile, then its probably not that.


> Katherine,
> I tried the hfile technique but I could never get it to show my
> documents. I could get the structure working perfectly, but drilling
> down to the document level only gave me a leaf that I couldn't click.
> I'm thinking that the problem is that my documents are being handled by
> the PagedImage plugin. I'll have another go at it though to see if I can
> get it working: that would definitely solve my problems (unless I have
> to indicate all 40000+ documents in the hfile!). I'll let you know how
> that works out.
> --
> William