[greenstone-users] I want remove link button Home

From Jay Clark
DateThu Nov 18 05:51:47 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] I want remove link button Home
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Hi Nick,
In order to remove the Home button you will need to look through the files in the Greenstone macros folder.

I've found references to the Home button in at least 12 *.dm files. If you search for the macro HOME, you can remove it (or comment it out) on the pages you want it to disappear from.

Alternately, to remove or hide it altogether, you can rewrite the macro's definition in the nav_css.dm file (somewhere around line 23). Change this:
To this:
(I just commented out the original so you have it in case you want to use it again in the future).

If the Greenstone library is running while you make this change you will need to open the server program and click "Restart Library" in order to see the change.

All the best,
Jay Clark

MAF Learning Technologies

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Subject: [greenstone-users] I want remove link button Home

Hello everybody, I'm using greenstone v2.83, I have created the collection while for everyone to see that viewers but I don?t want to return to home page contains all of the collection. What should I do to remove link at the Home button and the other cases can always remove the Home button in your collection. Thank you.

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