[greenstone-devel] Unable to open log file

From Lorelee Parker
DateThu, 06 May 2004 18:39:42 +0000
Subject [greenstone-devel] Unable to open log file
( Thanks to Katherine R. for previous good advice about subject trouble)

Can someone tell me what a message saying "Unable to open log file" might
mean? It shows up after inserting a exported collection on a self-installing
cd, preventing a body form viewing it. I am using GLI 2.5, so I'm guessing
the problem does not involve .txt instead of .old log files.

I am also unable to preview my new collection from any computer, including
the one I made it on. Both proxies are off in the browser and typing
http://localhost or http://localhost/gsdl does not work. Before I built the
collection, a work around was opening Greenstone Collection, which would
then display the current collection. But now this does not resolve the
problem either.

Thanks and cheers.