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From Katherine Don
DateFri, 18 Nov 2005 11:48:56 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Greenstone - METS - MODS
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Greenstone has its own metadata definition format. To use MODS in
greenstone, you would need generate a greenstone metadata set format for
it. You could use XSLT to transform XML into the correct format, or just
create a new metadata set using GEMS (run in greenstone/gli).
We haven't got MODS yet, maybe someone else has done this? You can see
examples of greenstone metadata sets in greenstone/gli/metadata

Regarding structure, I can see two options for you.
Firstly, use PagedImgPlug to group the images into documents.
This can be a simple linear list, or a hierarchical structure. You need
to generate "item" files, which describe the structure of the document
and which images make up the document. Please read the information at
the top of greenstone/perllib/plugins/

Alternatively, you could use greenstone's METS archive format.
Greenstone can use METS as its archive format (instead of GA format).
You could generate METS files for your documents using the greenstone
profile, and then just run
Greenstone profile at:


Arkoumanis Thanasis wrote:
> Good day to everyone!!!
> we have developed a collection on the Greenstone s/w
> using the Dublin
> Core metadata schema. The collection includes
> digitized music manuscripts of the late barok period.
> You can access it at:
> we would like to extend the collection metadata so
> that to provide
> better search services. So our problem is:
> a. to change the metadata of each page from Dublin
> Core to MODS so a question is how we can install the
> MODS XML schema so that to be offered by Greenstone?
> b. furthermore our manuscripts are organized in
> divisions, sections,
> exercises, etc. we could represent this hierarchical
> organization by a wrapping metadata standard such as
> METS. Also METS standard would improve the search
> services of our collection. so the question is again
> how we can install the METS XML schema so that to be
> offered by Greenstone.
> The XML files are not documents of our collection.
> the documents of our collection are images of music
> manuscripts
> . Our problem is to import the METS and MODS XML
> schemata so that to be offered as metadata for our
> collection. We would like to extend the metadata of
> our collection by using the METS and MODS XML
> schemata. The question is how we could import these
> schemata in the Greenstone system.
> Thanassis Arkoumanis
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