Re: [greenstone-users] make srclink open in new window

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 01 Sep 2006 16:37:41 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] make srclink open in new window
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Hi Pablo

To make a link open in a new window, you need to add target="_blank" to
the <a> tag..
srclink is already an href, like <a

You could either modify the plugins to add the target into the href for
srclink, or you could try and create the url in the format statement.
You need to use something like that above. The tricky part is that the
final filename differs depending on what kind of document was processed.
eg Word and PDF documents use doc.doc and doc.pdf.
Other filetypes might use [Source] for the filename.

e.g <a

If you only have a couple of filetypes that you are using, then check
the value of srclink in the archive files, then put that into your
format statement. You will need to switch on filetype. - [FileFormat]
metadata can be used for this.

Katherine wrote:
> hi,
> Does anyone know how to make srckink target a blank window by default?
> Thank you in advance for reading
> Pablo
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