[greenstone-users] documented example collections

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 08 Dec 2005 10:49:11 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] documented example collections
Hi all

I have just updated the "documented example collections" releases to
work with Greenstone version 2.62.

The main change is to the collect.cfg file for the CDS/ISIS collection
Previously, subfield metadata was represented as Title.a, now
its like Title^a (uses a ^ symbol instead of a .)

The old version of the config file uses Title.a representation. This
will work with collections built with earlier versions of Greenstone,
but not if the collection has been rebuilt with version 2.62.

If you want to rebuild the CDS/ISIS collection with 2.62, you will need
to download the new config file.

Other changes to the collections include:
dls-e: slight modification to the config file
authen-e, garish, image-e, oai-e: tidying up of metadata.xml files.

The Dec 2005 release of the documented example collections consists of
three files:

gsdl-documented-collections-dec2005.zip: the full collections, for
people who have not downloaded these before.

gsdl-documented-collections-config-files-dec2005.zip: Just the
configuration files for all collections

isis-e-collect.cfg: The configuration file just for the isis-e collection.

These can be accessed from

Katherine Don