[greenstone-users] changes to this list

From John R. McPherson
DateSun, 11 Sep 2005 19:42:55 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] changes to this list
Hi all,
due to the number of spam messages slipping through the server's
spam filtering (which we don't control), I've now made this list
only accept messages from people who are subscribed.

People who are not subscribed will have their posts held for
"moderation" until a person (currently only me) manually checks
to see if it is spam or not. This may introduce delays for messages
posted by people who aren't subscribed.

I've been reluctant to make this change previously because we didn't
want to make it harder for any user to contact the list, and because
the filtering has generally stopped almost all spams sent to the list,
but these messages are now causing people to be automatically
unsubscribed when their mail server rejects list mail.

John McPherson
list admin