Subject: [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS into Greenstone

From Rajan
DateThu, 26 Apr 2007 17:36:24 +0530
Subject Subject: [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS into Greenstone
Dear Friend,
Please export your CDS/ISIS data into .iso format.
Again import it  again into mst format and then convert it into into greenstone.
Then you may be able to get the entire records in Greenstone. Please try
K Rajasekharan
Librarian , Kerala Institute of Local Administration
Mulagunnathukavu, Thrissur -680581
Ph 0487- 2204097 (O), 2201428 ( R)
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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 00:10:18 -0300 (ART)
Subject: [greenstone-users] (no subject)
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Hi list!

I have a CDS/ISIS database with 34000 records, but when i use both methods
(GLI method or the command line method), greenstone just import 172
records and create the collection with this 172 records (well displayed in
the web interface).

Thank you in advance. (sorry for my english)