[greenstone-devel] z3950server

From Наталия
DateWed, 7 Nov 2007 13:48:43 +0300
Subject [greenstone-devel] z3950server
I face with problem with z3950 server. I have compiled
GreenStone with z3950 support (following your recommendation).
I tried to launch z3950 server using Command Promt:
C:Documents and SettingsDXDesktopgsdlcgi-bin>z3950server.exe
I've got a message :
10:16:56-07/11 [server] Starting server z3950server.exe
10:16:56-07/11 [server] Adding dynamic listener on tcp:@:9999 id=0
10:16:56-07/11 [fatal] Failed to bind to tcp:@:9999 [Only one usage of each sock
et address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.]
statserv_main returns: 0

Please, explain me what it means. And how can I change configuration z3950 server?

would you please help me to solve this problem.
Nataly Afonina
Russian State Library