Re: [greenstone-users] Problem with displaying subject terms

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 21 Oct 2004 09:17:11 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problem with displaying subject terms
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Hi Jenn

You can use something like [sibling:dc.Subject]. For further info about
formatting, see

Katherine Don

Jenn Cole wrote:
> Hello,
> I am going to bite the bullet here and ask what may be a simple question
> about a metadata display problem I have been struggling with for some
> time now.
> I have built a simple collection with just one document (so far) using
> Dublin Core as the metadata set. I have several subject headings for
> this one document. However when I preview the document only one of the
> subject terms is showing up, the first one in my list, in the subject
> browse screen. My suspicion is that the problem lies in my format
> string. Here is what I have now:
> format CL1VList "<td>[link][icon][/link]</td><td>[dc.Subject]</td>"
> How can I get it to show all of my subject terms for this one document?
> I would appreciate any suggestions.
> Thank you,
> Jenn Cole
> UBCIC Library Technician
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