[greenstone-users] Building a Greenstone collection in METS/MODS

From Greenstone Team
DateFri Jun 17 20:14:53 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Building a Greenstone collection in METS/MODS
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Hi Elissa,

I have little experience with generating METS and none with MODS. (We
have been working on and off with Greenstone's existing ability to
generate Fedora METS as a way to communicate with a Fedora repository.)

However, there is a basic tutorial on GEMS, in case that could help you
with your question on Subelements:

I suspect you may have already seen this tutorial, but I thought it
worthwhile to link it in, in case you hadn't.


Elissa Ernst wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am fairly new to Greenstone, and for a project I need to build a
> collection with Greenstone that will generate METS and MODS metadata.
> The reason for this is that it needs to be interpreted by an external
> viewer that requires those standards. (Germany's DFG Viewer, if anyone
> happens to be already familiar with it: http://dfg-viewer.de/en/) I
> have looked into the Chopin project but in that case he is trying to
> get Greenstone to ingest METS/MODS and I am trying to see if
> Greenstone can output those formats when a collection is built.
> We have tried using the Greenstone METS but it seems to have a
> different set of elements than regular METS, and it doesn't work with
> the viewer. As I understand it, I may need to create METS and MODS
> metadata sets with the editor. Has anyone already done this and
> perhaps they are available to download from somewhere? On a related
> note, can anyone explain what the Subelements are in GEMS or provide a
> basic example?
> We have also tried using an XSLT transformation but that is a slow
> process that requires working through each item in the collection,
> which would be unreasonable for a larger collection. Rather we would
> like to generate the correct metadata for all the items at once right
> in the build phase.
> Is this even possible just using the graphical interface? I'm not a
> programmer and shy away from Perl and CLI. :)
> Thanks so much for any advice you can offer. I am enjoying playing
> around with Greenstone and making collections, but I seem to have
> ended up at a level of complexity beyond my current knowledge!
> Best regards,
> Elissa Ernst
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