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From Diego Spano
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Can you detect a common problem from those ppt that can□t be processed by
PPTPlug?. If you open some of them, what do you see?. Perhaps it has no
text, only images inside?.

Try to put another pptplug line in collect.cfg below the one that you have,
with the option: -convert_to pagedimg_jpg. With this, you ensure that any
ppt that was not processed because the text can□t be extracted, will be
processed as images. You wil not have access to full text searches to those
files, but they will appear in classifiers or in fielded searches!.

Hope this helps.

Diego Spano

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Hi list,
Quite some time ago I had a problem with the ppt plugin (I'm using GS v.
2.80 on a Linux box) and have hobbled along a bit ever since, sometimes
successfully other times not. Put simply, I seem to be getting rather too
many 'Powerpoint 95/97 converter failed' messages after things are processed
- far too many in fact, so I'm asking if there is perhaps a newer version of
this plugin that I can bring into my 2.80 - or would I need to update to
2.81 and will that fix things anyway in this regard? Since I now have a
very large DL with some 200,000 items in it, any upgrading takes time and
effort which I'd prefer to avoid for a while.
Occasionally I've overcome the problem by using the unknown plugin but
that's not a perfect way to handle things. I'd much prefer if the ppt
plugin would do its job. I'm quite sure I can't have that many faulty
Powerpoint presentations!
Anyone got any thoughts on this one?

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2. Re: RV: Problemas con la Instalaci□n de Greenstone (Felipe Vera)
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Message: 1
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 12:32:24 +1300
From: Katherine Don <mailto:kjdon@cs.waikato.ac.nz>
Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] Winisis to Greenstone (Metadata
To: Lavji Zala <mailto:zala@mica.ac.in> <zala@mica.ac.in>
Cc: greenstonesupport@iimk.ac.in,
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Hi Lavji

Greenstone doesn't currently allow this. I think it will be simple to
add in though.
Can you please send me (off list) a sample database (preferably a small
one) that contains records with both fields and I can try to get it working.


Lavji Zala wrote:

Dear Friends,

I would like to convert Winisis archive (dissertation database) to
Greenstone. I have been using the menual titled □Creating Greenstone
Digital Library with Winisis Database□ designed by K. Rajasekharan and
K.M. Nafala. It helped me a lot. Even through I am facing problem that has
been detailed as below.

In winisis archive (Dissertation database) there are number of
fields/elements including □LINK□ and □PHOTO□. The □LINK□ element
represents Pdf of document and the □PHOTO□ element represents the Image
of student. I want both elements to be visible/accessible in greenstone.
When I try to explode the metadata (dis.mst, dis.fdt, dis.xrf) in
Greenstone (Dissertation collection) it shows the □Explode Metadata Box□.
I have chosen □dos_850-DOS Codepage 850 (Latin 1)□ as □Input _coding□. I
have also chosen □LINK□ as □document field□ I want to include one more
field □IMAGE□ in □Input_coding□ box. How can i do that.

Kindly guide me.


Lavji N. Zala
Assistant Librarian
Knowledge Exchange & Information Centre (KEIC)
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)
Ahmedabad - 380058
M- 093779922949

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Message: 2
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 22:32:52 -0300
From: "Felipe Vera" <mailto:felipevera@gmail.com> <felipevera@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] RV: Problemas con la Instalaci□n de
To: "Judith Tapia L." <mailto:JTapia@dipres.gob.cl> <JTapia@dipres.gob.cl>
Cc: greenstone-users@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz

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Hola Judith:

Primero, seria bueno que te subscribas a la lista de usuarios Greenstone en
espa□ol mediante este mail greenstone_es@freelists.org

Respecto al problema puntual puedes comentar lo siguiente por favor:

1- Que versi□n de Greenstone tienes instalado en tu PC

2- Que mensaje te arroja la pantalla al momento de abrir la instarfaz del
bibliotecario de Greenstone????

3- Tienes instalada la aplicaci□n gr□fica de Java, la cual es necesaria para
poder ejecutar y abrir la "interfaz de Bibliotecario" de Greenstone.

4- En caso que NO tengas aun instalado "JAVA" por favor descarga desde
el siguiente
archivo ejecutable "comprimido", al momento de ejecutar el archivo
instalar "todo por defecto"

Comencemos con lo anterior y seguimos avanzando.

Saludos y seguimos en contacto
Felipe Vera

2008/11/20 Judith Tapia L. <mailto:JTapia@dipres.gob.cl>

Estimados Se□ores
Tengo instalado en mi PC el software Greenstone, pero NO funciona la
interfaz para el biblioteacrio, osea no lo puedo abrir ni agregar ning□n

Agradezvo sus comentarios. Les saluda atentamente desde Santiago de Chile

Judith Tapia Lorca
Ministerio de Hacienda de Chile
Fono 473 26 33

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