[greenstone-users] Date list display

From Renate Morgenstern
DateTue Dec 16 23:45:20 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Date list display
Good day,

We have a collection of 41 PDF documents (old prospectussess). One of
the browsing
classifiers is the year and I use the date list for it. However, when
viewing not all the years are showing. I have tried many options, but
with no success. I then removed 2 documents from the collection, and
there all the documents could be seen under the year. Then I added one
again, and the same problem as before. What is also puzzling, is that
the year is not displayed as a horizontal line above the documents,
but a vertical line with all the documents for that year next to each.
One can view it online at:
I can send the collect.cfg file off-line.


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